the last two weeks..

The last few weeks have been so strenuous dat i’m not letting go of any channel to flush out my frustrations..i’m writing now for the same reason. Writing, i have heard, is a great way to de-stress.
Here’s problem one..I’m already beginning to feel how trivial my reasons are :P…Writing does help indeed 😛
I have a seminar to give dis week in college n have been trying to get my topic approved from the past 2 weeks but in vain.. some or the other problem wud crop up in d middle of nowhere n my topic wud go down the drain..not once or twice..i have lost count now.
Now coming to problem two. Now this is something dat would vex anybody. i bumped into a drunken stranger..i wud like to call dat stranger a rock because der was pain in my shoulder for 3 weeks almost..It was den dat strange things began to happen..2 weeks later while i was crossing d road wid half shut eyes { i was exhausted after sitting in front of the comp for “7 hrs” at a stretch in college looking for seminar topics…! }, BANG!!! I got hit by a bike…again on my left hand…! my poor poor brain { the whole seminar issue had fried half of it already} poor me…
Dat’s not all..2 days back, while i was passing by a petrol bunk, i cudn’t see an approaching scooter wid a fat couple on it. Actually, an auto rick was blockin my view..i got hit again and on the same hand…!
i have never believed in curses but half of my brain{the other half was fried u see..} was reconsidering d ideologies dat it followed for 2 decades…!
me still busy wid seminar wrk.. i can’t wait for this wednesday when i’ll be done with the seminar..
i’m feeling so much better now… writing does help…! 🙂


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