i’m on the verge of starting a new chapter in my life…this transition phase has taught me a lot of new lessons..lessons dat i’ll never forget..lessons for life..
Somethings in life are just not in our matter how much you wish for something, u’ll always get only what you are destined to hav..Your dreams, hopes, expectations just don’t make any difference..Many times, infact, most of the time you may find yourself getting much lesser than what you believe you deserve..But, u got to live wid what u get.
I am not discouraging dreaming or hoping but i’ll say don’t expect.
The next lesson i learnt is dat its very important to think before you speak..before u make a promise…before you ignite hope..
Everyone can’t have everything..we have to compromise in many aspects..
If you feel sorry for your self seeing another person hav something what you hav always desired for, even if she/he doesn’t value it, you are just being foolish…accept facts buddy.
Your desire won’t change your fate.
Life ain’t easy indeed…especially if u aren’t d laidback kinds..To gain d pleasure of one thing, u need to bear the pain from another..
Thinking about onself matters…I’m not sure to what extent..but i am sure it matters… Living for others is a myth..nobody values all that anymore.. Actually, i knw dat’s sad………….. Whatever!!
Lastly, society kills society. There’s a hypocrite in each one of us no matter how much we deny it..
I might be sounding like a sadist, philosopher, sociologist. Trust me, i am not glad to be writing all this too..But alas, this is the dark TRUTH.
Now i knw why ignorance is bliss…
Naahi’m no broody gal.. I’ll pick up the pieces and turn them into a beautiful collage..will stand up and walk upright..look straight into the eys of life…dis one short life of mine..
I must say i hav been lucky. Blessed infact. Almighty has always made sure to bless me with atleast one person at all times hu stands by me when life turns too much of a burden for me to handle..I take as much as i can and leave the rest to be handled by that person… Now again, everyone can’t be so lucky.. But for those who are, i’ll say cherish the presence of that person…it cud be anyone..from your parents to your friend..treasure him/her..
It’s actually getting interesting now..Just when i think i have all the answers, life changes the question itself…!! And once again its a new challenge, a new race…
Now when i see life posing a new quest for me, i laugh at it, sigh and then go for it. I fight back wid love, passion…It’s like, why bother about the consequences when i have nothing to lose anymore?? But this laughter is no ordinary’s a mix of amazement, amusement, mockery nd fear…for u never know..u never know…
I sometimes wish i was still ignorant…life seemed so much simpler then.. But again, i shall wish, try, hope, dream, pray…but not expect..
Cheers to my life!!

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