Strictly unwarranted :P

This could be the silliest blog ever been written. But, isn’t this supposes to be my space?? So, i’ll write what i want to..!

I wasn’t feeling very good yest. So, lazed around for quite sometime bcoz i didn’t feel like doing anything else. Didn’t even practice music for long enough bcoz it just didn’t flow from my heart..Dat’s how it goes with me when even little things go wrong between me and those whom i love. But dat wasn’t for long. We sorted out everything in a few hrs.. 🙂 Watched sweet home Alabama. What a movie! I particularly loved the scene in which Reese ridicules her friends at the bar while trying to cover up her flaws.. I think it was well shot with minute details taken care of..

Anyways, i was watching the climax when mom and dad returned home. They had bought a bar of yummy plum cake with dem.. Now dat is something! Mom sat down beside me and handing over the box of cake to me said,”Cut four slices for each one of us”. I waited for the movie to end and as soon as it did, mom repeated the same line emphasizing on ‘four’ this time..

I picked up the knife and cut ‘four’ neat slices. But then.. 😛 …the aroma had already benumbed my conscience. So i stealthily looked around and began cutting another piece..gobbled it up before i cud get spotted.. 😛

My senses were dead now. I cut another slice and killed the already dead senses once again..Hey, i said they were dead. How cud i kill something thats dead?? I can’t think anymore over senses are yet to recover… 😛 [For those hu are tearing their hair, i have already mentioned that this is the silliest blog…u still chose to read it! thanks 🙂 ]

A while later, my sister came home. I went back to cut another slice for her. greed had touched its peak now. I put another slice into my tireless mouth for it to savour. So by the time i went to bed i had bolted down four large slices of plum cake while mom thought her “obedient” lil’ girl had eaten only one. 😛

As i lay on the bed last nyt, i wondered what explaination i wud give her when she wud notice the size of the cake bar which had reduced to one third it’s original size.. I guess i slept soon after.. But my senses were coming to life..They showed me a dream. I’ll tell you about it..I liked the dream so much though it was quite silly and illogical..not as silly as dis blog though.. 😛

I dreamt dat mom brings home some cadbury chocolates…the plain ones. I just love them 🙂 I wud like to share something at this point..I have always luved the cadbury range of chocolates. They are much more scrumptiously delightful than the nestle or amul or the ones my aunt brings for me frm the US..As a kid, it was my secret fantasy to marry the son of the owner of the cadbury company so dat i cud get to eat as many chocolates i want.. 😛 Well.. i even desired to marry the son of Parle Co. too for a few days when i had become a frooti fan 😛

Coming back to my dream, i steal some of those chocolates while mom is busy doing some paperwork. Man..was i a thief in my last birth?? I am stealing in my dreams too..!! I was relishing the gradually melting chocolate when my mom called out to me from behind. I tried answering her but had to shove down that brown, heavenly flux down me in order to be able to speak.. But to my shock and horror, the melt began to thinken in my mouth..!! In seconds it solidified, immobilising it!! I couldn’t talk! I woke up startled and gave a huge sigh 😛 ….I smiled thinking how silly and comic the dream was but was also relieved that it was just a dream.. 😛

Senses are so much better…dead! 😉



  1. lovelornme · July 29, 2009

    hahaaa… i wish tht dream of urs come true and we poor humans will be relieved by ur kachar-kachar….and yes that is the weirdest of weired dream that i hve ever heard of…but i knw tht weired ppl get weired dream…so i guess u r one step ahead of weired…weiredesssssttttt…..buggerrr….

  2. Ishma.. · July 29, 2009

    Aaaannn!!! 😦 I insult u coz ur scrapbuk is visible only to ur frns..but this is assault in public..btw, why do u think i asked u to read it?? U belong to my category of wierdos..don't u??

  3. Ashwin · July 29, 2009

    oye i do belong to ur category of weirdoos :P.. — Ashwin..

  4. Ishma.. · July 29, 2009

    Welcome to the community!! u seem to be really proud.. 😛

  5. Kovid · August 13, 2009

    arrey waah ;)guess wht … i can relate to tht post more than anybody, though i never had a dream of marryin a daughter of cadbury's owner … but i'm beginning to think about it :)crazy 😉 …

  6. Ishma.. · August 16, 2009

    "i can relate to tht post more than anybody"..haha.. Hail Koivid!! The king of Wierdos!!

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