smiling under pressure…

It was a hot sunday afternoon. The roads were empty and it was a comparitively quick ride to Guruji’s house..Time hardly mattered on that day.. I was lost in Ghulam Ali Khan Sahebs’ euphony.. I repeatedly listened to ‘Ranjish hi sahi’, a ghazal, for two reasons. One being that it is in raag yaman, the one i am presently learning and the other being the wonderful composition itself.

I got off the bus and was about to cross the road. There were vehicles approaching from the other direction so i had to wait for around five minutes for the traffic to clear. I stood on the central median and lowered the volume of my mp3 player so as to be able to hear honks just in case.. I looked around, trying deliberately, to distract myself from the melliflousness till i reach the other side..

A couple caught my sight. The man seemed to suffer from polio.. He had very weak legs. They hardly supported him. Even the crutches did little to support him. He was accompanied by a lady who was blind. I assumed her to be his wife. May be because i saw a little girl with them. She looked like she was just 6-7 yrs of age.. They walked slowly towards the bus stop taking support of the railings. They little girl was very chirpy. She hopped and jumped through her way, stopping from time to time for her parents to catch up with her. Their slow pace was posing an obstacle to other better blessed mortals around them. I could see some of them sigh in agitation. Some even gave the couple a glare out out displeasure. However, all this had little effect on the couple. They seemed to be impervious to the sighs of the people around them. I noticed a gracious smile on their faces. The smile lingered unaffected throughout… They had calm expressions and the serenity of their faces could not go unnoticed..
The little girl who was a few steps away from her parents took an abrupt turn and ran towards her father. She did a little jig in front of them and laughed out loudly..From her animated talk, i could interpret that she was persuading him for something. I couldn’t hear what though.. To my amazement, the man handed over one of his crutches to his wife, took the support of the railings and with great difficulty lift one of his feeble legs and did the same jig.. I felt a pinch in my heart when i saw him doing that… The little girl burst out into peals of laughter followed by the chuckles of the lady and the man…
How many times do we count out blessings?? How many times do we share our smiles?? How often do we thank Almighty??
The couple and their daughter soon got lost in the crowd.. I looked to my side. The traffic had cleared lang ago. I reached the other side and increased the volume. It took me a while before i could get engrossed in the song… The smiles had captivated me..

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