Mirror, mirror on the wall..!

This is the perfect place to write about myself. My blog, though open to all readers on the web, is one place where I express what I truly feel and think. It’s very close to my heart. Unlike in social networking sites, I sense the ownership experience when it comes to my blog.

Yes, I don’t write too often. That’s because I don’t want to be writing just for the sake of filling up web space. I write when I really want to. Writing gives me a great deal of joy like many other things. It always did. In school, I enjoyed English classes. I did every single exercise of my 480 page English writing skills refresher in class 10. It covered topics ranging from essays, posters, reports, Summaries, notices, letters etc.

However, I am an average writer. But yes, I am a lot more…A very deep soul. Lively, vibrant and frank at times, extremely guarded at others. Easy to be with, easy to talk to, no frills or fancies for me. Straight forward, observant, thoughtful, trusting, trust worthy and an unstoppable thinker. Mostly child-like and cheerful, but also deeply perceptive. This clearly reflects in my thought processes and actions. I have always tried to imbibe perfection in everything I do, be it singing a song, reading a lesson, writing a mail to a friend, at work, performing before my guruji in class or even while doing the dishes. I push myself too hard. But off late, I realized that this causes me more trouble than making me happy. I spoke to my best friend Neelam a few weeks ago and shared with her that I want things to be flawless in my life and nothing is the way I want it to be. I asked her to help me remain calm and patient since the whole recession crisis and the lack of job opportunities was getting into me. She just smiled half naughtily and half cutely and said, “Imperfect is perfect”. I took that seriously and since then, I have stopped or at least I’m trying successfully not to run after perfection. I just give my best to all I do and then lay back and accept the consequences.

My life is a complicated story. In fact, a pretty interesting one. I wish to do a lot of things… I’m a dreamer, and that too a constant one. A lot of people ask me, what all is it that you plan to do? Where will you find so much time? How will you do all this together? I just smile because I never have had an answer to those questions.

Maybe I would strike off a few things on my “to do in this life” list if God would promise me another lifetime!!!



  1. Deepak · April 14, 2010

    he he he… nice knowing u Miss Ishma… 🙂 Your friend was perfectly right imperfection if perfection…And about the to do list this is a short life try striking out as many things as possible before u run out of time… 🙂

  2. Ishma... · April 15, 2010

    Thanks Deepak. I was just trying to get to know myself better. I hadn't given it much thought earlier so just did some introspection. Each one of us are so unique and special. We don't realize it. We are judgmental all the time..about ourselves as well as about others. That one simple and short line said by her made me rethink my perception regarding my constant race towards perfection. Life is so much more relaxed now. Neelam naturally comes up with such one liners and dat is one thing dat set's her apart from the rest of us. A great gurl she is :)As far as striking things off on my "to do in my lifetime" is concerned, I'm in the process, on the run.

  3. ANSHU · April 15, 2010

    i was not aware of ur writing skills…gr8 work…very skillful and aptly written..ur blog has inspired me too hope i would write as good as u, if not atleast an average one….

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