Pie in the sky*

This dream is 5 years old. But its memoirs are still as fresh as the pan cakes my mum has just baked.

It goes like this-

I was comfortably sitting on a couch and reading a book. It was either a sunday or a general holiday (in my dream) because I was at home. The door bell rang with titans theme music. I have always liked it. I struggle myself out of the couch hoping it’s not someone who’ll interrupt my reading session..atleast not someone who’ll bore me because mum was not home. I open the door and ta da! (This was a dream, i repeat dream. Kindly forgive the nonsensical aspects of it. ) The visitor was Hrithik Roshan, my favorite actor and according to me, also, the most charming man alive.

Hrithik- Hi!

I- (Staring with mouth wide open)

Hrithik- Hey.. I have lost my way… …. …… …….. ……. …. ……………. …….. …… …… ( I can’t remember what he said. Infact, I couldn’t hear a thing. I could only see that he was saying something…I was too awe-struck to know what. )

Hrithik- ( Gave me an “I am talking to you. Are you short of hearing?” look.)

I- (Acting as though I was not surprised at all…) hey Hrithik! Come inside. Coffee/tea? (South Indian Instincts won’t leave me even in my dreams :p)

Hrithik- Tea. Thanks. My make up van will arrive soon. I’m so sorry to trouble you.

I- ( I was thinking- Trouble?? I wish your make up van driver never finds his way/quits his job/the vans tyre get’s stuck in some ditch..! Well, I didn’t want to sound like an idiot. So i said something else..)
I said, “Make yourself comfortable. Preparing tea is no trouble at all.”

The bell rings again. This time it’s my mom. This one is weird- She walks in, starts a conversation with him and convinces him to rent the little empty room on top of our house!

Can’t remember more than this…

P.S- I like..err..adore him. But no. I’m not of those girls who start squealing in deafening shrill voices when they see their favorite stars. In fact, I don’t wish to see him in real life at all. Stars have an aura. We love them because they seem unrealistically perfect to us. When we begin to get hints that they are normal souls just like you and me, we break out of that ironical illusion and the aura fades away.


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