Autocatalysis of tech trends: Boon or bane?

A friend and I hadn’t caught up for quite some time, and we chose the most obscure place for a chat – a gadget store! Neither of us are technophiles, but it is good to know what’s fresh in the tech market. Technology fascinates me, particularly its self accelerated development. We looked in amazement at the Sony Bravia models. In addition to the sleek design, the combination of HD and 3D features indeed creates an immersive visualization for the viewer. We checked out latest music players, laptops and head phones as well.

From the time when the size of a cell phone was equivalent to that of a brick, and when the television flashed all shades of grey scale, innovation has come a long way. Google defines ancient as, “belonging to times long past especially of the historical period before the fall of the Western Roman Empire.” Well…dearest Page and Brin, I wonder if that holds good anymore. As far as I think, MS Office 2003 is ancient!!

The life span of a cell phone is not longer than the attention span of an American! Though new products are often not built from scratch, exciting features are often tweaked and released as new versions. An XYZ00-a, that was available a year ago, might be replaced by an XYZ00-b today.

Innovation, which I would like to call more aptly, Autocatalysis has been the buzz word for quite some time now. Motorola, the company that invented the first hand held mobile phone device, is now struggling hard to stand its ground. I heard that Sharp and Onida are venturing into cell phone production. For some reason, my reaction to this news was, “What?? Nooo!!!!” Giants like Sony, Toshiba, Samsung and Panasonic are at the technological rendezvous. But consumers themselves? Are they?

My question here is whether technology is transforming faster than the consumer can adapt?

I came across an interesting line sometime ago- “Change holds the promise of a more intriguing life.” Or perhaps, at some point we need to press the PAUSE button?

Personally, I would say, keep the change coming. I can’t get enough of it. But again, I wonder if growth has a flip side to it as well.

What do you think??





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