Rakhi Sawant, Dad, Me and some sense :)

This is a true story. I pondered for 15 minutes if I must write this for the whole world to see and abruptly drew a conclusion to do so. This is how I am. I do not possess a calculative mind, which I would like to believe is a good thing. Before you proceed…

Have you ever read the nonsensical interviews of Ms. Bird brain, Rakhi Sawant, where she says for the n-th time, “ Main ab bollywood picture nahi karungi. Mujhe bollywood ne bahut hurt kiya hai…I am very much hurt…” or “ Aishwarya, Mallika, katrina expose karti hai toh unko koi kuch nahi bolta hai….Media mere peeche kyon padi rehti hai???” (She has a point guys…) or…her favorite (and mine too), “ Aaj ke baad, main kabhi expose nahi karungi. Rakhi Sawant…No expose. Only talent. Promise..aap sab se aur apne aap se.”  If this sounds familiar to you, let me assume that you are not somebody who is busy working on quantum physics or space science, and thus, instead of reading bird brain babble, might as well spend some time reading this post till the last word.

The incident I am going to narrate is a touchy affair. Politically, I not supposed to write about this in order to stay in the good books. I would like to emphasis here, that I am a staunch follower of  ‘Upar waala ek hai’ and love my country more than my life. In fact, I believe in this theory called – The world is my motherland ( Technically speaking, I made up that phrase. ) May be all my sense of patriotism is the result of inheritance and my education in Armed forces’ schools.

Few years ago, my dad, a highly reputed and committed officer in the RPSF was posted in Jharkhand for 6 months. After the initial pining from my mother’s end, he left Bangalore, where we lived. He is not the fussy kind, given the fact that he’s been all over the country and had experienced several not-so-nice tastes and smells over the 3 decades of his service. His only issue was that the cook in his mess added yogurt in almost everything, including dal. Even the troublesome naxalites didn’t come as a surprise to him though they lengthened the duration of my mothers’ prayers for his well being.

My dad is a preacher of patriotism. He embraces people of all communities, was a member of a Shivji temple construction and maintenance community during his posting in Hyderabad, cooks payasam with his keralite friend every Onam and has read the Bhagwad Geetha twice over. One day, he and his fellow friend-officer, decided to visit a very famous temple close to Jharkhand. (I am not revealing the name in order to avoid unnecessary controversies. Moreover, the name is not my point). The temple was built atop a hill, was serene and beautiful. There was a certain Godly silence at the shrine that brought about a realization of how small and tiny we humans are before Almighty. Dad and his friend spoke for hours about everything under the sun. They debated over the efficiency of Delhi metros, lethargic Indian Government officials, strategies of disaster management in trains and selection processes for Railway recruitment. After the darshan, the Pundit offered them coconut Prasad and they respectfully walked away from the temple compound towards the open space outside. While dad’s friend sat down on the green grass to rest, dad walked around, curiously observing the temple architecture. Just then, a guy turned up from nowhere and asked him to return the Prasad. When dad asked him to reason his demands, the man said, “You cannot eat the Prasad because you are a muslim.”  Of course, my father didn’t oblige to that. But he was so deeply hurt by that sentence and the demarcation that he hardly spoke for the next 2 hours.

I am not against that guy who spoke those words. I am not writing this post to hoot about how lovely a daughter I am. No way! I am not standing up to talk on behalf of any so called “section of the society.” This is bigger than the above. I have cited this example because it has left a personal impression on my mind.

We are 1.15 billion Indians. Some ignorants think that a billion is two millions. So for the sake of those poor chaps, 1.15 billion= 1.15 * 10^9 persons. By 2030, we are expected to cross China’s population, to be the worlds most populated country…..

Where are we headed dear friends? Why so much hate? Why the divide? Why the hang ups? There is always a reason… Hindu- muslim, Protestant- catholic, north Indian- south Indian, Roti- rasam, Telangana – AP, Karnataka’s Cauvery- TN’s Cauvery….. blah blah blah….

When will this saga end..?? When will India truly shine…??

For starters, shall we- ME and YOU be the shiny bits??

Jai Hind!



One comment

  1. vikas raj · March 31, 2011

    Loving it….. so true… wish we could get into the minds of those who like such a divide…..

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