Dear Mark, thanks for the fancy facebook fad! ;-)

Just to check, I typed ‘changed my life’ on Google. Interestingly, the result ‘facebook changed my life’ appeared way before a much expected ‘Jesus changed my life’!

A kid in my neighborhood replied ‘elephant’ when I asked, ‘E for?’, and shouted ‘facebook!’ in response to my question ‘F for?’

Ha! Life, Science and Us!

Apparently, Microsoft bought a piece (1.6% to be exact) of the social networking mogul for $240 million. Why not indeed! Part of facebook’s allure to major computer companies like Microsoft, is its seemingly indefinite access to marketing information. Users of Facebook can post their activities, interests, favorite books and television shows, and even products they prefer; and now, Microsoft is right there, watching, making note that one of Ishma Siddiqis’ (or Justin Longs’ or Ben Afflecks’  to be sure :P) favorite television shows is friends. The next time I sign in, I might be prodded with ads offering me deals on friends memorabilia or cautioned not to miss the next.

We all know facebook is big. Really, really big. So I gave some thought on how this new fancy application that almost all of us out here, log onto almost every day, can change the world. Let me quickly jot down what I could think off.

Facebook is a massive information repository and digital archive. Everytime users add new data to their profile, whoever has access to this added information, particularly photos, can archive (copy) it.  If the Facebook fad lasts long enough and profiles are accessible 100 years from now, historians, archivists, and researchers of the future will have interesting, detailed, and almost complete accounts of the lives of millions of people. I’m sure people are interested in this kind of archiving. Consider this. Johnny Lechner added an extra year to his college, just to record every minute of his life in the final year. I’m still wondering why anybody should care if Johnny played the guitar or invented his 50th drinking game!! But no! Dear Johnny, surprise surprise! You have half the population on your facebook friend list and pages dedicated to you too!!  Take a look-

The new world of Facebook is interesting at first glance. Take music and Pandora as an example. The idea here is that you can click a Facebook “Like” button if you like a band as you surf around the web and encounter bands on different sites and services. Then when you hit Pandora, it polls Facebook’s new Graph API to find out all the bands you’ve Liked and then starts playing music it thinks you’ll enjoy, based on this data ( I went through this to get a brief idea – Well, that’s kinda cool, but my inner privacy advocate feels a little uneasy about it. Plus, I think I’d much prefer going to Pandora and telling it what I feel like listening to, rather than vice versa.

Facebook has been the mogul of social networking for quite some time and its future seems pretty promising too. However, growth and addition of new apps is mandatory for facebook to stay. My friend colleague, introduced me to a great website the other day that said-

Dear Facebook,

Just wait, one day they’ll abandon you as well.



All this apart, the killer facebook application for me is the beta tester!! Dig yourself to find out more! 😛

I’m still trying to understand it. I’ll blog about it if I find it great. Promise!



  1. Pradeep · December 3, 2010

    Add to this : a new kid on the block asked me are you on facebook?.I said a affirmative “NO” what’s that? , and he just missed a heartattack panting,not wasting time for the second attack to take him to yamlok i told him go search your daddy’s name …you will find the origin of your red blood cells! you bloody fool 😛

  2. ishmasiddiqi · March 21, 2011

    ha ha ha.. Good one Prads!

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