Ira – 2

Paarth, my childhood sweetheart, is also the the most terrific amalgamation of handsomeness and intellect ever known to me.
He and I joined the same school in the same year. I was instantly drawn towards him. Even at the age of 12, he was strikingly good looking, while everyone else looked weird on most days, thanks to puberty issues. His voice cracked much earlier that the other boys, giving him an edge over them. A great voice has always been a major sex appeal to me. His deep, masculine baritone lit an electrifying spark everytime he spoke. Well, Paarth didn’t even need a voice like that. I’m sure that his very presence set fire in the hearts of all my girl friends at school.

“Iraaaaa….. Hell-ooooo..hellooo…. Is anybody there???!!”
My mind had drifted away only for a second or two.
“Yes, yes…I’m here,” I muttered. “This is a pleasant surprise Paarth.”
“Well, make it sound like one then, my darling lazy bone! How have you been?! You almost disappeared after the reunion!”
Darling. Only Nihas called me that. But coming from Paarth, the word came along with a complimentary feeling of ego boost. I immediately withdrew the involuntary smile that had crept on my face.
“Not at all. In fact, I have reconnected with many of our friends after the reunion.”
“Alright my lady! May I ask why you chose to neglect me?”
“I couldn’t really talk to you on that day. You seemed to be really involved with your own group of friends.” As i spoke, I could here a beeping sound in the background.
The display blinked – Nihas calling. He might be calling to say good night. I could always call him back later.

What if I hung up now and would not be able to talk to Paarth again? What if he wasn’t calling from his personal number? What if I would lose touch with him again? I ignored the incoming call. I didn’t get another one. Probably, Nihas assumed that I would call him back as soon as I see his missed call, like the way I always did. Paarth and I and continued to talk for the next two hours.
Nihas, the guy who I believe to be the love of my life (honestly), must have slid into deep sleep by then.



  1. Shivani · March 30, 2011

    RIGHT angle mein TRIangle????

    Bohot nainsaafi hai my lord !!! 😀

  2. Sharon · April 6, 2011

    Complete bollywood meri jaan!

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