Ira – 3

During our conversation, Paarth and I had planned to meet on the coming saturday which was two days away. The next two days passed by as regulars. Nihas and I spoke thrice each day and exchanged sweet nothings.

Paarth wasn’t even the picture. No phone calls, no messages. I even presumed that he might forget to about our plans. But contrary to my belief, he called me at 10 in the morning that saturday and we planned to meet that evening at a lounge, not too far from my place.

I was excited in a way which was not right. The day was dragging along slowly and I did call Nihas a few times myself, but never mentioned Paarth to him. I showered for longer than usual, spent some extra time changing hairstyles to see what suits me best, changed 3 outfits before settling on a red dress and sprayed my favorite perfume.

Yes. I did have moments of self-condemnation and all that. But again, this was harmless. Wasn’t it?


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