Facebook has opened a new data center in Oregon and revealed its design online. They have designed their own servers, back up, power supply to increase efficiency of computing power while cutting down overall consumption. The design breaks data center convention by forgoing air conditioning and making use of Oregon’s climate to keep the powerful servers cool inside.

Secrets like these have never been given away by a business entity of this size. Competitors like Google and Microsoft have never ventured anywhere close to revealing information about their server infrastructure. Facebook has taken an entirely different route by dropping the traditional business practice. But the question here is—what  triggered this interesting move??

Probably, facebook wants to give away enough information based on which people can eventually come up with something better. Or, this move might have been taken in order to gain the confidence of web users. An interesting fact to be noted here is that the facebook servers rely on free or open source software.

The answers can’t be that simple, or can they? To me it looks like facebook is spinning its already-spent resources for marketing purposes. 


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