Ira – 4

I parked my car as close to the lounge as possible. I didn’t want to attract too many stares as I walked up there. I did my hair again before getting out. I was very well aware of the fact that I was looking ravishing.

Paarth was chivalrously waiting outside for me. I didn’t miss the second looks he gave me. Another ego boost moment.

“Hey Ira… You look beautiful.” He greeted me with a friendly hug.

“Thanks” I blushed.

“Seriously, the red looks great on you!”

“Uff… That’s enough for now! Let’s find a place to sit.”


Paarth chose a cozy corner of all the available tables. I found that pretty peculiar, but didn’t let the thought linger on my mind.
We spoke about everything under the sun- work, family, food, movies blah blah. Then we reminisced our good old days in school.
I noticed Paarth’s light brown eyes fixing their gaze on me time and again. I was rather uncomfortable when this happened, but tried my best to look unfazed. Paarth was aware of the effect he had on others. He always was. But I didn’t want to let him believe that I was easy to impress. We were just friends after all. We HAD TO remain as friends and nothing was supposed to change. How could things be any different? They couldn’t. There was Nihas in my life. Nihas—the  love of my life. Probably, Paarth liked someone too. Oh! Did he? Paarth was seeing someone? I had to know.
“So, what else?” I asked.
That question in no way meant-“Are you seeing someone?” I don’t know why I muttered it.
“What else..What else….aahh….I hope you aren’t getting late honey. Do you have to rush home before a certain time”
I smiled. “Ummm…I can afford another hour”, I said checking the time in my cell phone.
“Let’s get going from here then. Where would you like to go?”
I had something on my mind, but wasn’t sure if I could share it.
“Anything on your mind? Or we could go to TGIF. It’s around the corner. Shall we, ma’am?”
I nodded.
“Good. We’ll take my car. I guess you ca leave yours here and pick it up later. What say?”
“I’m cool. Lets go!” Oh God! I wasn’t cool about it at all. I didn’t want to sit in another cafe and chatter about the same old things.
As we approached his car, I blurted out, “Paarth?”
“Yeah honey. Tell me?”
“Paarth, can we go for a drive? I love long drives. If u don’t mind?”
“Oh! U want a drive is it? Sure. Let’s go then!”


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