Initiating new directions with thought leadership

Leadership in simple terms is showing the way for others either by example or by promoting a better way.

So now,how does thought leadership differ?
It is like selling the tickets for the journey, leaving it to others to get to the destination on their own.

Interestingly, in contrast to traditional leadership, thought leadership violates the top-down hierarchy. It is the basis of innovative change and is egalitarian because it can shift rapidly from one person to another. It cannot be monopolized. But thought leadership has a more competitive edge. It’s like the thought leaders are saying that they know of a better way of doing things than anyone else in the team or organization.

To be a thought leader, you have to be able to suggest innovative ideas, think ahead of others and possess excellent expertise in your domain. Thought leaders can persuade others using logic, evidence or an actual demonstration of a prototype to win support. It isn’t necessary to have inspirational influencing skills, which is necessary for senior executives because they need to win over the entire organization and beat off their internal competitors for top jobs. Basically, u don’t need to have influencing skills. rather, content is king here.
The bottom line is that leadership is about the initiation of new directions. Implementing them is a managerial undertaking.


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