In its old age, my Toshiba Satellite series laptop has become like an elderly veteran with Schizophrenia who has just suffered a stroke. It turns on only when it feels like and at other times, it boots, like forever. It enjoys playing mind games with me. To add to the stubbornness, it doesn’t switch off, leaving me with no choice, but to drain the battery. Sometimes, I wonder if some mysterious software in the compiler went terribly wrong that led to the development of a brain of its own. Such fun it must be, to watch me do the funny slave-dance. 😦

I had a report that needed to be sent out the following week. For a change, I was ahead of schedule. All I was left with was a detailed analysis and some seemingly original and believable insights. 😛 We research analysts are often paid for cleverly clenching away intelligent ideas of renowned and genuine analysts and calling them our ‘take-away’. I find most of the projects funny, more so because what I and a friend of mine do ends up influencing the business decisions of some of the world’s top MNCs. Oh no! Don’t get me wrong here, we do the best we can, bound by unrealistic deadlines and exceedingly inadequate resources. 😀

Nonetheless, I settled down with my laptop to take a thorough look at the status of our research results. Turning it on was fifteen minutes of psychological agony in which I looked at things that exist outside of a computer screen. I looked at my 7 year old self-made stationary stand, stared at my purple wall and made plans to decorate it, tied my hair into a bun, dipped a tea bag into my mug, picked up tissues, and looked at the squiggly grey euglena like things that swim across my eyes. None of these stimulated my brain adequately. The laptop acted strangely, to no surprise. I pushed Ctrl+Alt+Delete and chose shut down. The screen displayed logging off, and that is when the saga began. It should have come with a subtitle- “Might take several hours, even days, in fact even eras.” 😛

I decided to take a 20-mins power nap. In that way, the lappy wouldn’t get the attention it was craving for. It wouldn’t get to witness the havoc it was playing on my mind and might eventually act machine-like, tired of role-reversal in the game of master-slave that we play. 😉

Driven by this motivation, I quickly slipped into a deep slumber and then saw an epic dream. 😮



  1. abhishek · November 10, 2011

    what a virtual understanding between two of you..

  2. Amrita · November 11, 2011

    Its not just machines, this goes well with humans as well :p

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