The Inglorious Poke

ImageI have never been a

big ‘poker’ on Facebook. In fact, I fail to understand the purpose of this overused feature.

Really, what purpose does it serve? The poke spectrum of meaning can range anything from “Hey there” to “Let’s marry!”

Well, whatever meaning people attach to poke, it does not justify their never ending poke-athons. They poke, you don’t want to seem impolite and poke them back, and then they poke you all over again. It goes on and on, and soon you are a part of a poke war!

Personally I think the term ‘poke’ is inappropriate unless you either are a promiscuous college student, or…or… (I shall update this when I can think of a reason, without sounding derogatory). May be I’m not hip enough to really see the more flirtatious side of poke in all its glory. But that’s okay. The next time someone pokes me, I’m going to say “poke off!”



  1. abhishek550i · April 9, 2013

    I poked a girl, ever since i met her in an intention we’ll grow our friendship. We poked for 2 long years and at present she is married and living in US. The awkward part is she still pokes me. And now i really don’t understand the application of poke.
    So POKE OFF..!!
    and no way its flirtatious, its an disastrous application.

  2. Kovid Rathee · June 24, 2013

    You blogged after one whole year! How sad is that. I use this feature, by the way. I have no idea of the message I am sending to someone when I am poking them. It’s weird.

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