Yellow flower

I will be a yellow flowerwood-nature-sunny-forest-large
falling joyfully, adding colour in your path
My sweet smell will fill your senses,
while your tired feet crush me underneath.

I will be a river, let yourself free in me
let me dance as you desire,
take you wherever you want to be.

I will be your forest,
come to me in loneliness,
come, sit among my vast pines,
set all your sorrows free, don’t be shy,
let your dark grey and blue insides, great roots of the night,
come out, and blanket me.

When you awaken feeling better,
I will softly play with you,
with flickering light, passing through my branches,
moist soil, transparent mist, earthy smell, half opened leaves.

I only want to caress you, see you resplendent,
I shall embalm you, I want to see you living.


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